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Dr. Cher-Ming Tan

Professor of Electronic Engineering & Director of Centre Ralibility Sciences and Technologies

Educational background

Ph.D in Electrical Engineering, University of Toronto Canada

Field of specialty

1. Reliability and failure physics modeling of electronic components and systems
2. Finite element modeling of materials degradation
3. Reliability of Li Ion battery and high power LEDs
4. Statistical modeling of engineering systems
5. Nano-materials and devices reliability
6. Prognosis & health management of engineering system

Contact Information

TEL: 03-2118800 Ext.5952



Prof Kun-Mu Lee

Associate Professor of Department of Chemical and Materails Engineering and
Leader of Component Group

Highest Education

Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering, National Taiwan University

Field of Specialty


1. Material and Interface Analysis of Perovskite Solar Cells
2. High Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells and Large Area Modular Development
3. Long - term Stability of Organic Solar Cells and Components
4. Electrochemical polymerization and analysis
5. Development of superhydrophobic materials


TEL:03-2118800 #3891

E-mail: kmlee@mail.cgu.edu.tw


Prof Chung-Yi Li

Assistant Professor of Department of Electronic Engineering and
Leader of Medical Healthcare System Group

Highest Education

Department of Electrical Engineering Ph.D, National Tsing Hua University

Field of Specialty

1. Digital image processing circuit
2. High efficiency and quantity
3. Phase-locked loop design
4. Computer arithmetic circuit
5. Hardware model of achievement circuit


TEL:03-2118800 #5593

E-mail: chungyili@mail.cgu.edu.tw


Prof Hsien-Chin Chiu

Professor of Electronic Engineering

Highest Education

National Central University Electrical Engineering Ph.D

Field of Specialty

 Advanced High Efficiency Power Management Chip and Microwave Millimeter-wave ICS


TEL:03-2118800 #3645

E-mail: hcchiu@mail.cgu.edu.tw


Prof Ming-Chung Wu

Associate Professor of Department of Chemical and Materails Engineering 

Highest Education

National Taiwan University

Field of Specialty

1.Advanced Energy Materials
2.Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

3.Optoelectronic Materials and Devices Physics


TEL:03-2118800 #3545

E-mail: mingchungwu@mail.cgu.edu.tw



Prof Kao,Hsuan-Ling

Professor of Electronic Engineering

Highest Education

Ph.D., Chiao Tung University, R.O.C.

Field of Specialty

1.RF Devices and  RF Circuits
2.Flexible Electronics
3.Memory Devices


TEL:03-2118800 #5951

E-mail: snoopy@mail.cgu.edu.tw