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Pursuing Ph.D in Reliability

Center for Reliability Sciences and Technologies in Chang Gung University, Taiwan is a comprehensive University level research center solely on the study of reliability of materials, devices, circuits, modules and systems. The vision of the center is to improve the quality of life at reasonable cost and to enhance products' values and competitiveness globally through design in reliability and maintainability using scientific and cost effectiveness approaches. Therefore, the mission of the center is to understand the sciences behind products/materials degradation, so as to transform the scientific knowledge into technologies for design-in reliability. This center is hosting many international students.

From time to time, we have practical projects to study the reliability sciences and technologies. Currently, the center is seeking for research students who would like to join the center for her vision and mission.

There are five vacancies available with the following requirements, and scholarship will be provided to each student who is sufficient to cover your accommodation, tuition fee and living expenses.

1. Two Ph.D students on Density Function Formulation to evaluate material properties.

2. One Ph.D student on electronic device design and simulation

3. One Ph.D student on electronic circuit design and simulation

4. One Ph.D student on finite element analysis using ANSYS

If you are interested, you can write to crest@mail.cgu.edu.tw You may also find more information about the center at crest.cgu.edu.tw, or myself at www.chermingtan.com

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