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Message from Director

  • Reliability Center Director:  Dr. Tan, Cher Ming
    Reliability Center Director: Dr. Tan, Cher Ming

Global Challenges and Reliability Issues

   Globalization and outsourcing have brought many benefits to consumers and enable us to enjoy various type of products at affordable prices. However, through globalization, customers can purchase products easily from anywhere in the world, and products without “value” will not be able to remain in the market for long, especially for products with high pricing. With outsourcing, manufacturers are able to reduce the cost of production, and the price of the product can be reduced in order to capture a larger market, however, the reliability of the products manufactured can be compromised.


   Many companies attempt to capture their market shares through outsourcing and globalization, and price competition has become a brutal game which can result in loss-loss situation, loss to the consumers as they no longer enjoy good and reliable products, and loss to the manufacturers as their profit margin becomes very thin and any customer returns can easily wipe off the profit they have accumulated through their hard work. The effect of customer returns or complaints are far more impactful to company earning today than in the 80’s where a dissatisfied customer will tell only 22 people. With today widespread of the information in Internet, the impact is worldwide and long lasting. This can also damage the reputation of a company.


   In fact, value competition should be employed in order to survive this global competition as customers today make their purchasing decision based on which product offer the best value which is related to the performance and reliability of the product. In other word, achieving high product reliability at reasonable cost is the key success factor in today electronic and mechanical industry.


 Reliability is Important!

   While product performance can be known through various performance testing, reliability is talking about the continuous good product performances over time as used by customers. Zero time testing can only show the quality of a product, but it cannot show the reliability of a product. On the other hand, the cost of unreliability can be very high, and even life threatening if it is discovered only at the customer end.


   Fortunately, through the years of research, reliability engineering has been progressing where product reliability can now be evaluated before they are shipped to customer. Reliability sciences have also been growing where life time prediction and degradation mechanisms of products are sufficiently accurate. The combination of the reliability sciences and engineering lead to the possibility of design-in reliability so that products can be reliable right after its design without the need of many re-design cycles. With the advanced in material sciences and nano-technology, new materials and fabrication methods can also be possible to ensure products are reliable at reasonable cost, providing reliability technologies to manufacturers.


  At CReST, We Make it Happen!

   In view of the available know-how and technologies, and the unfortunate general unawareness or misconceptions on reliability sciences and technologies, especially in Asia, this Center is established to promote the awareness and the knowledge of reliability sciences, engineering and technologies. Continuous research on the challenges in reliability sciences and engineering is also needed and performed as new materials are used with new applications and stringent environments.


   Therefore, CReST is promoting fundamental research cooperation across national boundaries, and aims at conducting high quality, cooperative research with leading universities and companies, regardless of their location in the world, in order to benefit the international high tech communities by helping them to produce reliable, safe, and operationally available products and systems.


   CReST is actively drawing students and researchers around the world and hosts interns from various countries. Close co-operations with top universities around the world are establishing. The students, researchers, and interns that come to CReST will experience the Taiwan industrial culture and to contribute to innovations in the latest technology and methodologies. Specialized curriculum on Reliability for undergraduate are graduate students is also available so that they can be well prepared for the diverse challenges of international industry.


   If your organization is interested in utilizing CReST expertise and resources, you can contact me directly at cmtan@cgu.edu.tw.



Cher Ming Tan

Professor and Director, CReST

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