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The Logo

 The Logo

This logo is a shape of atom, it represents that the reliability works performed in this center go down all the ways to materials and atomic level, so that the underlying degradation sciences of engineering products can be understood.

The top is the name of the Center in abbreviation.

The $ circle signify that through detail reliability study, we can help to reduce the cost of the products, either by reducing failure costs in the field, or reducing the re-design cycles, or select the appropriate materials choice and usage for a given required product reliability, instead of over-use the materials to ensure product reliability. Appropriate reliability testing can also be developed that can indeed surface up any potential reliability issues, instead of some unnecessary testing that cannot reveal potential reliability issues and yet taking up time and resources.

The T circle signify that the time to market can be reduced through design-in reliability methods as the number of re-design cycles can be reduced, and can even be Do It Right the First Time as the detail degradation sciences are now known and can be avoided during design and the selection of materials.

The S circle represents services. With better product reliability, its availability will be higher, and hence the services rendered by the product will be better. Therefore, Reliability make complete business sense in this global competition.

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